David Pepper’s discussion on Japanese antiques

The Heritage Committee of the National Association of Japanese Canadians is pleased to present a series of short introductory video on Japanese antiques by Mr. David Pepper.
It is a fact that many Japanese and non-Japanese Canadians have in their private collection valuable Japanese antiques, Japanese Canadian folk-art and documents that have cultural and historical value. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the true value of their collection and as a result these artifacts are destroyed, sold or given away. Of equal value are the acquisition stories that are associated with the artifacts. This modest series of short videos on Japanese antiques is a very general introduction and is presented here with the hope of encouraging viewers to have their family heirloom and collection recorded and evaluated by a reputable expert on Asian antiques.

Mr. David Pepper was born and educated in Windsor, Ontario and is a professional artist and sculptor with extensive background in design and preparation of museum exhibits. After graduating from the Ontario College of art in 1966, he worked as an artist-craftsman for eleven years at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and also researched the museum’s extensive Japanese arms and armor collection. From 1977, Mr. Pepper has been a freelance exhibit artist and has worked on a large number of Japanese exhibitions in Canada and the United States as a guest curator, museum liaison, and designer. His own artwork, mostly in the form of wood sculpture incorporating mixed media, has been exhibited in North America and Japan. Most of his works are in private and public collections.

Mr. Pepper began the personal collection and study of Japanese artifacts in 1958, and still actively pursues this avocation. In Windsor he runs his own business, Okame Japanese Antiques; selling, appraising and restoring artifacts from Japan and Asia. He has traveled extensively in Japan, on five separate occasions, and is familiar with the Japanese language. He has lectured on several aspects of Japanese art and culture, including the samurai and their swords, traditional costume, woodblock prints, antiques, gardens, and Japanese garden plants. David can be reached at:

Okame Japanese Antiques, Inc.
709 Devonshire Road
Windsor, Ontario N8Y 2L9
519.253.0336 // 252.6930