TorontoNAJC May – June Update

May 9, 2017 at 8:40 am
Cosplay workshop

Photo: Yosh Inouye

Cosplay Costume Workshop.   TorontoNAJC and the National NAJC sponsored a Cosplay Costume Making Workshop on March 31st at Steamlabs maker space in Toronto.  Participants were from 12-40 years old with beginners and experienced builders learning together. The workshop offered all levels an opportunity to work with the latest materials,thermal plastics, and learn a few tricks of the trade from costume designer Michiko Yano-Shuttleworth who organized the workshop and is a director of the chapter and secretary of the National NAJC.  Cosplay sprang from the Manga and Anime community in Japan and has grown into a worldwide movement. The workshop proved very successful and everyone has asked for more. Future events are being explored.

We Should Know Each Other  –   the JC community discussion series continues this spring.

Wednesday May 10th will feature Kathleen Kajioka, Jamie Parker and Ron Korb as featured speakers and performers.  Kathleen Kajioka is a classically-trained violist and violinist and appears regularly with Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra.  Jamie Parker is an accomplished, versatile and bright pianist who has been awarded two Junos and has played with every major Canadian orchestra. Ron Korb is known for writing culturally diverse music and his mastery of a wide array of world music wind instruments.  Thursday June 8 will featured speaker will be lawyer, musician, national broadcaster and author Mark Sakamoto.
All sessions are held at 7:00 p.m. at St David’s Anglican Church  49 Donlands Avenue. (Just north of Danforth, across from Donlands Subway Station)  Space is limited so please pre-register at or call the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) at 416-441-2345. Co-sponsored by the Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Association of Japanese Canadians, the Japanese Canadian Young Leaders of Toronto, the JCCC Heritage Committee.

Donations – Toronto NAJC  is very grateful to the following patrons who have donated  generously to the Chapter’s 2017 Program.  Mrs Tomoko Arai,  Mr Raymond Moriyama, Ms Toshi Oikawa, Mrs Kimiko Hirota, Mrs Rose Aihoshi, Mrs Grace Arai, Mrs Marie Baba, Ms Aileen Chiba, Mrs Kay Fujita, Mr and Mrs R. Fukumoto, Mr and Mrs T Fukushima, Ms Jennifer Hashimoto, Mrs Susan Hidaka, Mr and Mrs T Honkawa, Mrs Terez Hyodo, Mrs Sue Iwasa, Ms Susie Iwata, Mr and Mrs T Kawabe, Mr and Mrs H Kikuta, Ms Toshi Kodama, Ms Helen Koyama, Mrs Kimiye Kuramoto, Mr Roy Kusano, Ms Lynn Kutsukake, Mrs Kinuko Matsushita, Ms Sachie Matsushita, Mr Saburo Miike, Mr and Mrs L Miya, Mr and Mrs K Miyasaki, Ms Mary Morita, Mr Tadashi Moritsugu, Mrs Margaret Nagai, Mr and Mrs H Nagata, Mr and Mrs J Nakamura, Mr and Mrs J Nakashima, Mr and Mrs F Nishioka, Mr Richard Nishino, Mr Vincent Noguchi, Mr and Mrs B Ogaki, Mr and Mrs G Ohashi, Mr and Mrs T Omotani, Ms Toni Osbourne, Mr and Mrs G Sasaki, Mrs Michiko Shimizu, Mr and Mrs J Shiga, Mr and Mrs T Shigeishi, Mr and Mrs K Suyama, Mr and Mrs  Y Takata, Mr Ray Takeuchi, Ms Grace Tanaka, Mr and Mrs S Tomihiro, Ms Kyoko Tomotsugu, Mr George Toyama, Ms Katie Tsuda, Mr and Mrs M Tsuji, Mr George Tsushima, Ms Kim Uyede-Kai, Mr Peter Wakayama, Mr and Mrs M Yatabe, Mrs Hedy Yonekura, Ms Tomoko Yoshida.
Thank You.