Toronto NAJC — January Report

December 27, 2015 at 5:06 am

First, we wish all our members and friends in the Greater Toronto Area A Happy and Healthy New Year.

David Fujino and Bob Tanaka resigned from the Board of Directors in 2015 and we thank them for their service to TorontoNAJC.

Looking back on 2015, the Toronto NAJC had an active year. Highlights of 2015 were:

  • The chapter ended 2014 with a very well attended concert by Nisei musician, Roy Miya, co-sponsored by and held at Castleview Wychwood Towers on December 21st.
  • Financial support to: Japanese Social Services agency, Hide Shimizu Scholarship Fund, Hiroshima Day Coalition, Nikkei Artists exhibit at the “Artsu Matsuri”, JC Cultural Centre (JCCC) and publication of Manga 2, “Light At A Window” by Terry Watada and Yukina Takeuchi.
  • Book Launch for poet Terry Watada’s new book of poetry “The Game of a Hundred Ghosts”.
  • Toronto NAJC Information Booth was present at the Matsuri Spring Festival, JCCC.
  • Preparation and placement of historical chapter files and holdings into the archives of the Fisher Library, University of Toronto and the Moriyama Heritage Centre, JCCC. Capped by a “Moving Day” party for the membership celebrating Toronto NAJC’s move to a virtual office.
  • Financial Support to the Japanese Canadian Young Leaders group participating at the July 2015 Matsuri at Dundas Square and for the production of the Matsuri video: youtube/yAW-3tAaanc
  • Sponsoring the presentations of three Public Lecture sessions – “Surviving the Digital Tsunami” by Ray Nakano and Lan Nguyen in September; “Are Canadian Miners Abusing Human Rights in Latin America?” by Shin Imai in November and ” Truth and Reconciliation: Linking Arms with Aboriginal Peoples in Canada” by Kirsten Manley-Casmir in December.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the chapter was held on December 6th and the 2016 Board of Directors was elected, consisting of Ken Galloway, Yosh Inouye, Randy Sakauye, Ron Shimizu, Tokuji Suyama, Bruce Tatemichi and Kim Uyede-Kai. We thank David Fujino and Bob Tanaka who resigned from the board during the year, for their service to the chapter.
  • Renewed agreement with the Greater Vancouver JCCA for the continued distribution of The Bulletin to Toronto NAJC members for 2016.
  • Articles in The Bulletin by Toronto NAJC members David Fujino and Terry Watada.


We thank all our donors for their support which we received throughout the 2015. Their donations enabled the chapter to carry out the activities listed above.   The donors are listed below.

Rose Aihoshi, Tomiko Arai, Marie Baba, Aileen Chiba, Ronald & Terralyn Durocher, Ben & Shirley Eto Geoffrey Ebisuzaki , John & Tamae Fujimoto, Kay Fujita, Makoto Fukui, Tetsuo & Sanae Fukushima, Ruby Fukumoto, Jennifer Hashimoto, Shizue Hashimoto, Susan Hidaka, Kimiko Hirota, Takazo & Sachiko Honkawa, Terez Hyodo, Brian Hyodo, Katsu & Elsie Iguchi, Aki Ikebata, Shin & Katherine Imai, Kaz Ishii, Susie Iwata, Kanaye Kagetsu, Dale Kamitakahara, Tom & Esther Kawabe, Herb & Chris Kikuta, Isamu Kodama, Toshi Kodama, Bill & Addie Kobayashi, Eileen Koyama, Kimiye Kuramoto, Roy & Lily Kusano, Eiko Maikawa, Goro & Kinuko Matsushita, Sachie Matsushita, Lewie & Chiyoko Miya, Sally Miyazaki, Mary Morita , John & Pauline Murakami, Margaret Nagai, Harry and Kate Nagata, George & Terry Nakamura, Joe & Miyo Nakamura, Joe & Elaine Nakashima, Richard Nishino, Frank & Ruby Nishioka, Vincent Noguchi, Buzz & Mae Ogaki, Mack & Margaret Oikawa, Harry & Nora Okada, Kelly Okamura, Maryka Omatsu, Toni Osbourne, Tad & Jenny Oyagi, Shizue Saito, Dale Sakamoto, Tats & Kim Sakauye, Ken Seki, Shig & Chiyo Seko, Tosh & Miyo Shigeishi, June Shimizu, Michiko Shimizu, Ron Shimizu/Edy Goto, Brefni & Michiko Shuttleworth, Kunio & Yoshiye Suyama, Takao & Sheila Tabata, Yoshito & Margaret Takata, Ray & Mizue Takeuchi, Grace Tanaka, Sumio & Sheila Tomihiro, Lillian Tomohiro, Harry Tonogai, Mel & Kim Tsuji, George Tsushima, Kazuko Umemoto, Kim Uyede-Kai, Godfrey & Donna Uyeno, Peter & Ethel Wakayama and Tomoko Yoshida.

Looking Ahead in 2016 – In 2016, Toronto NAJC will continue activities in support of the development of the Japanese Canadian community in the GTA consistent with its priorities for youth development, partnership with First Nations, support for arts and culture and most importantly, human and civil rights issues. Such activities will be comprised of financial support to JC community organizations and the sponsoring of specific events such as public lectures, workshops and concerts.

Of particular importance this year, the Toronto chapter will begin a series of consultations with leaders of JC community organizations for their advice on the future of the Toronto NAJC. The reason for these consultations is the continuing and understandable decline in chapter membership of its Nisei base which makes up over 90% of the current membership. The results of these consultations will be reported to the 2016 AGM.

Finally we thank our membership and the JC community-at-large for its continuing support of Toronto NAJC and we look forward to a productive year.


2016 Toronto NAJC Board of Directors

Ken Galloway, Yosh Inouye, Randy Sakauye, Ron Shimizu, Tokuji Suyama, Bruce Tatemichi and Kim Uyede-Kai.