Chapter President’s Report – August 2015

August 1, 2015 at 12:19 am

by David Fujino

Dear Members and friends,

Greetings! — from cyber space. Although I said in my last report that we no longer rent a physical office space, remember that you can always send us a note, or phone us at: Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC, 6 Garamond Court, Front Desk, Toronto Ontario, M3C 1Z5. Phone: 647 932-1296. Website:

Artsu Matsuri, the annual community art show, just finished its run from July 10 to 18 at the JCCC art gallery at 6 Garamond Court. The exhibitors were a mix of seasoned professionals and talented part-time artists. There’s no jury, no entrance fees, and you don’t have to be Japanese to participate. If you sell any art, you receive a fair percentage of the sale. The Toronto NAJC is proud to be a media sponsor.

Upcoming events:
Our youth committee is busy planning a July 26 project for the second Matsuri festival at Yonge-Dundas Square. Their event will be part of a public celebration of things Japanese and — in the case of the youth committee’s participation — there’ll be a welcome tent for visitors to drop by to chat and take fun photos dealing with cultural identity; plus, there’ll be a giant game of janken pon which will be played onstage and with the attentive crowd. Giant images of giant “rock”, “paper”, and “scissors” will challenge the crowd to play janken pon, and as players in the crowd get eliminated, the remaining finalists will be invited to the stage to battle for a prize.

For the fall of 2015, here’s something of special interest for seniors.

TorontoNAJC Public Talks

The Greater Toronto Chapter of the National Ass’n of Japanese Canadians is hosting a series of public talks this fall on topics of current interest to our membership and community.   At these informal gatherings  you will learn the key points of current issues and how they affect you and more importantly how you can  manage them.   Session #1 of our series is on

Surviving the Digital Tsunami:  You as an Individual and Citizen  

Ray Nakano and Lan Nguyen are our featured speakers.  Ray is a former Director in Information Technology (IT) for the Ontario Government and Lan is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the City of Toronto.

The world has gone “digital” and “online”.  Computer use has long advanced beyond business transactions and scientific research  into ordinary household functions like keeping in touch with family/friends, looking up information, getting directions, receiving and paying bills and taxes  and doing our banking.  Today you can find and buy almost anything,  find a mate, start a business, monitor your blood pressure and diet, job hunt, organize a fund drive or a protest , get personalized medical assistance and have your own network of friends all through your smart device.   Ray Nakano and Lan Nguyen are professional IT experts who have played  key roles in the digital revolution in business, education and governments .  Not only will they explain what has been done and where it is going – most importantly  they will lead you in a discussion of how to cope with this new electronic world and how to manage it to meet  your needs and achieve your personal goals.   This talk is for all ages and abilities.    Please come with your questions, learn and discuss!

                                    Thursday,  September  24, 2015  7pm to 9pm                                                                         Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto

And finally, the Toronto chapter thanks the following donors for helping us continue our work.

Lillian Tomohiro
Grace Tanaka
Jennifer Hashimoto
Aki Ikebata
Sally Miyazaki
Mel Tsuji
Brefni Shuttleworth
Mr and Mrs Tetsuo Fukushima
Richard Nishino
Ray Takeuchi
Mr and Mrs T Oyagi
Eiko Maikawa
Mr and Mrs T Ogaki
Mr and Mrs T Fujimoto
Mr and Mrs H Okada
Dale Kamitakahara
Mrs Shizue Hashimoto
Ms Terez Hyodo
Mr Brian Hyodo
Mr Kunio Suyama
Mrs Kimiko Hirota
Mrs Patrica Hatashita
Mrs Kanaye Kagetsu
Mr and Mrs G Nakamura

Respectfully yours,
David Fujino
President, Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC