Chapter President’s Report – May 2015

May 1, 2015 at 10:20 am

Dear Friends,


 Saturday, May 23/15, from 2 to 5 pm

Toronto NAJC (National Association of Japanese Canadians)

YES! — the Toronto NAJC  is vacating its office at 6 Garamond Court — so you’re invited to our “Moving Day Party!” on Saturday, May 23/15, from 2 to 5 pm. We’ll be in the Heritage Room at 6 Garamond Court.

For a modest $10.00 door charge, enjoy live entertainment with the “Back 40” band playing classic country music (think Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Williams). There’ll be a cash bar, snacks, and one complimentary hot dog. NAJC members and kids accompanied by parents, are Free. Come on out!

On May 31, we’re going ‘virtual’ — which means we’re vacating our office, Suite 240, at 6 Garamond Court at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

We’ve enjoyed the company of other organizations such as Japanese Social Services and Nikkei Voice on the second floor, but it was time for the Toronto NAJC to get busy and set its own house in order. By not paying rent for an office, we decided that more funds would be freed up to finance our various programs and activities.

PLEASE REMEMBER: you can always reach us by phone at 647 932-1296 and through our website, Or write us at Toronto NAJC, 6 Garamond Court, Front Desk, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 1Z5. We check our mail regularly. We’ll get back to you.

We’re closing up our office by May 31, but the Toronto NAJC views this as a positive experience. And we see no need to stop offering a range of educational and entertaining programs for Nikkei audiences:

• On this count, we’re happy to report that the launch of Terry Watada’s new poetry book, “Game of 100 Ghosts” on April 16 at the East Asian Library (130 St. George St.), went off well and generated a warm and thoughtful atmosphere among the 30 or so attendees. Terry read well, a few books were purchased at Jennifer Hashimoto’s Nikkei Books book table, the sushi, tea, and Subway sandwiches were enjoyed, and Terry was pleased by the whole event. And we interacted with the East Asian Library staff who are headed up by the thoughtful and highly supportive Lu Gan. What a nice inter-community event, which the chapter’s happy to have co-sponsored.

• It’s been confirmed that the Toronto Chapter will be a media sponsor for Artsu Matsuri, July 2-8/15, an annual unjuried community art show at the JCCC (Japanese Canadian  Cultural Centre) Art Gallery. Donations are always happily received and it’s the chapter’s pleasure to show support in a direct and effective way.

• A new Youth Committee section is forthcoming on our website,

• There is a confirmed Japanese Canadian speaker series in its final planning stages

• We continue to support JSS (Japanese Social Services), the Hide Shimizu Scholarship Fund, and the Hiroshima Day Coalition.

And finally, we must repeat that all our activities are possible, largely due to the generosity and kindness of chapter members and supporters. Here’s a big Thank you! to the following 10 members who recently renewed their 2015 memberships.

Fujiwara, Denise
Hashimoto, Jennifer
Ikebata, Akio
Koyama, Eileen
Murase, Yoji & Marie
Obata, Sue
Ryoji, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Sakamoto, Izumi
Tanaka, Grace Y.
Tatamichi, Bruce

Respectfully yours,

David Fujino

President, Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC