Chapter President’s Report – February 2015

February 6, 2015 at 4:33 pm

Dear Friends,
Greetings! from the Greater Toronto Chapter of the NAJC.

We want you to know that the entire Board ‎of the Toronto chapter has returned for 2015 and they remain in the following positions.

President – David Fujino
Vice-President – Bruce Tatemichi
Treasurer – Randy Sakauye
Secretary – Ron Shimizu
Director – Kim Uyede-Kai
Director – Yosh Inouye
Director – Ken Galloway
Director – Tokugi (Toke) Suyama
Director – Bob Tanaka

As you know (see: President’s Report – January 2015), the chapter successfully launched in 2014:

We jointly funded the publication of volumes 1 and 2 of Terry Watada’s proposed 3-part manga series on Japanese Canadian figures and Japanese Canadian historical events; we proudly co-launched Professor Mona Oikawa’s important scholarly book from U of T Press, “Cartographies of Violence: Japanese Canadian Women, Memory, and the Subjects of the Internment” at Another Story Bookshop; our Youth Committee initiative of a live on-site mural painting drew crowds to the framing Matsuri event at Yonge-Dundas Square in mid- summer; and we wrapped up the year’s programming at Castleview Wychwood Towers with a pre-Christmas (December 21) concert of jazz stylings from Castleview Wychwood resident and noted Nikkei pianist, Roy Miyashita and his musical friends, Bruce Tatemichi on tenor saxophone, David Bell on acoustic bass, and Cam Jobson on drums! ‎Here is a brief summary of the chapter’s 2014 programs.

‎So far in 2015, we’ve been busy at early spring cleaning of our office and our office papers and documents — part of our welcoming in the New Year — but at this writing, we are also planning more programs for 2015, so please stay tuned.

And remember that because of your kind membership renewals and ‎your generous donations, we are able to offer our programs to the Nikkei community.

The Toronto NAJC thanks the following individuals for their donations for 2015.
Kimiko Aihoshi
Tomiko Arai
Marie Baba
Terralyn Gale Durocher
Benjamin & Shirley Eto
Geoffrey Ebisuzaki (in honour of Kojiro Ebisuzaki)
Ruby Fukumoto
Kay Mitsue Fujita
Susan Hidaka
Kimiko Hirota
Takazo & Sachiko Honkawa
Terez Hyodo
Katsu & Elsie Iguchi
Kazuo Ishii
Ellen Ishikawa
Susie Iwata
Tom & Esther Kawabe
Herbert & Christina Kikuta
Isamu Kodama
Kimiye Kuramoto
Roy & Lily Kusano
Goro & Kinuko Matsushita
Sachie Matsushita
Lewie & Chiyoko Miya
Mary Morita
John & Pauline Murakami
Margaret Nagai
Toshiyuki & Louise Nagano
Harry and Kathryn Nagata
Joe & Elaine Nakashima
Frank & Ruby Nishioka
Mack & Margaret Oikawa
Nobuko Oikawa
Harry and Nora Okada
Kathryn Okawara
Maryka Omatsu
Tsuneo & Chiyoko Omotani
Toni Osbourne
Roy & Hifumi Sato
Kenneth Seki
James & Akiko Shiga
Tosh & Miyo Shigeishi
June Shimizu
Ron Shimizu & Edy Goto
Masashi Shin
Fred Sunahara
Tom Takashima
Yoshito & Margaret Takata
Sumio & Sheila Tomihiro
Kyoko Tomotsugu
Harry Tonogai
George Tsushima
Kim Uyede-Kai
Geoffrey & Donna Uyeno
Peter & Ethel Wakayama
Tomoko Yoshida

We hope you will join us on our journey of change and renewal.
Respectfully yours,
David Fujino