President’s Report – July 2013

August 21, 2013 at 7:17 pm

25th Redress Anniversary Banquet – September 21st
Before you go on your summer holidays, be sure to call our Chapter office to reserve your banquet tickets: 416-516-1375 or contact us by email at: Art Miki is our keynote speaker and we are hopeful that a high profile Cabinet Minister will be able to bring greetings from the Government of Canada. We hope to recognize our Nikkei Veterans and Canada’s First People at this event. I am also pleased to announce that the MC for this evening will be the well known actor Denis Akiyama.

Gillnet boat Nishga Girl
As you see in this July issue, the NAJC and the Nishga First Nations will be meeting with officials from the Museum of Civilizations to reinstall Nishga Girl. I urge all of you to contact Heritage Minister James Moore at or by telephone at 1-613-992-9650 and urge him to rescind this ill-conceived decision.

Arashi Jr. Hockey Team
Congratulations to the Arashi Jr. Hockey Team for capturing another championship at the Asian Canadian Hockey Tournament held in March of this year. Thank you to team members for helping to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Redress Settlement by wearing the special sweaters. Thanks go to Wayne Yamashita and parents for their support of Japanese Canadian hockey!

Stories of My People
For those of you who have copies of the late Roy Ito’s book, Stories of My People congratulate yourself because the original copies are rarer than hen’s teeth. The book was not available anywhere until NOW. I am pleased to announce that Roy’s wife, Mitsuko Ito, has given our Chapter permission to make copies available to those interested. Currently, we are scanning the book and hope to have CDs available. Plans are underway with a printer to have customers purchase hard copies directly.

Release of Nikkei Manga
In a week, we hope to have the Japanese Canadian manga available for purchase (information available elsewhere in this issue). The all-inclusive price of $20.00 should entice you to purchase several copies as gifts for birthdays or Christmas. A limited number of signed copies by writer Terry Watada and artist Kenji Iwata will be available for early customers.

Chapter AGM
Please mark Saturday, November 16, 2013 in your calendar as we will be holding our annual general meeting at 1:30 pm in the Chapter office. Those interested in having their name placed forward for the Board must notify the Chapter office in writing. You must be a member of the Chapter in good standing as well as your seconder and both must have paid all dues 45 days prior to the AGM. No nominations from the floor will be accepted.