President’s Report November 2013

December 14, 2012 at 6:41 am

Fall appears quickly here in Canada. It is as though Mother Nature waits for August to end and quickly turns off the lights as students head back to school. That is why I have wondered about the practicality of backyard swimming pools in northern climates.

Many people find it a challenge to wake up in the morning to darkness and the lack of sunlight seems to have physiological effects on people. By nature I am an early riser, getting up around 6:00am and reading the morning paper as I enjoy my morning coffee. I suspect that my grandfather in Kagoshima was the major reason for this habit. As a fisherman, he arose early to take his small boat to his choice fishing ground and to be the first to sell his catch to the housewives who would hurry home to make the morning breakfasts. Although he never told us to wake up, it was hard to sleep bombarded by the noise coming from the kitchen and the smell of miso soup. I wish you well as we prepare for the inevitable winter storms and snow.

Your chapter is busy preparing for the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Redress settlement in 2013. In addition, Toronto will be hosting the NAJC annual general meeting. Please mark Saturday, September 21st, 2013 in your calendar as this is the planned date for the gala banquet. We are drawing up a list of special guests led by Former President Art Miki, Joy Kogawa and others. At the last meeting, the chapter executive decided to make the tickets affordable and will ensure that the food is plentiful and of high quality. More information to follow.

Mural: as part of the 2013 celebrations, the youth committee is undertaking a giant mural on the side of a well-known downtown Japanese grocery store. The mural will commemorate the accomplishments of Japanese Canadians. More information to follow.

Website: For the updates on latest news and activities of your chapter, please go to our new website: For those members who have Japanese antiques in their collection, you may wish to open the Video tab on our website where David Pepper, a noted expert on Japanese antiques discusses various topics on this subject.

Nikkei Manga Project: Kenji Iwata (artist) and Terry Watada (writer) are currently working on the production of our very own Nikkei mangas which will focus on the lives of three generations. Plans are to have the Issei story published and ready for distribution for the Fall of 2013.

Hiroshima/Nagasaki: The Toronto Chapter has annually supported the efforts of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Coalition. Mike Murakami and his mother attended the August ceremonies at City Hall on behalf of the NAJC and the Chapter has made a donation of $300.00 towards this worthwhile organization.

Membership Renewal: You are reminded that annual memberships will now expire on December. Please support your local chapter by filling out your renewal form at the bottom of this page.

Ken Noma, President
Greater Toronto Chapter NAJC