25th Anniversary of the Redress Settlement

October 1, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the Redress Settlement between the NAJC and the Government of Canada. This historic benchmark was a victory for Canadian civil rights thanks to a small group of dedicated supporters from within and outside the Japanese Canadian community; their tireless advocacy made the settlement possible.

No other Japanese Canadian organization but the NAJC can lay claim to the fact that this victory directly benefitted the lives of all Nikkei – even those exiled to Japan were eligible for compensation like my father.  In addition to the individual compensation of $21,000 and the formal apology given to each survivor, the Redress Foundation was established to distribute $12 million dollars to individuals and to Japanese Canadian organizations across Canada in order to insure their survival. Ironically, some organizations that received this money did not publicly support the NAJC or the campaign for individual compensation. To date, the NAJC Endowment fund which, twice annually, awards funds to deserving Nikkei individuals and a community fund towards cultural development has redirected $1.3 million dollars to the community. Through such funds, the NAJC continues to support the Nikkei community.

I appeal directly to the community for your continued support by renewing your chapter membership and asking for the donation of money in order to allow us to pursue meaningful programs that will keep alive the history of the Japanese Canadians in Canada as well as being advocate for human rights for all peoples and creating programs to actively engage our youth.

Please note that membership to the chapter will now run from January to December starting in 2013.

Hiroshima Day
The Toronto Chapter is a strong supporter of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day Commemoration. A donation of $300.00 was made to the organization and the chapter was ably represented by Mike Murakami and his mother Aiko. The precarious situation that continues to exist with the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan forces all of us to pause and reflect.

Ken Noma, President
Greater Toronto Chapter NAJC